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Follow these guidelines for a safe move:

  1.  All items must be sealed to protect anything from falling out.

  2.  Always remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

  3.  Always stack dishes on their side when packing. Not flat!

  4.  Never use newspaper to wrap dishes. The black print can be tough on them.

  5.  Always use packing tape. Refrain from using duct tape. It’s impossible to get off.

  6.  Label all boxes on the top and on the side.

  7.  Pack import and sentimental documents separately so that they are easily accessible. Children’s health records, passports, family records, insurance information and photo albums are good examples.

  8.  Don’t throw out your children’s favorite things prior to the move. Kids can have a hard time dealing with the change brought on by the move itself.

  9.  For larger appliances, check your owners manuals to in sure if there are special instructions for moving.

  10.   When you disassemble furniture and other items, make sure to tape all the parts to the main base.

  11.   Small boxes are best for books. They can get heavy very fast.

  12.   Wardrobe boxes make closets easier to pack and organize. Clothes in drawers can be left in place or in suitcases.

  13.   Where possible, pack all electronic equipment in their original boxes. Alternatively, you should use bubble wrap when packing these very expensive items.

  14.   Moving companies can’t transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammable’s, ammunition and explosives. It’s the law.

  15.   Try and avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. It can be confusing.

  16.   The last things on the truck are usually the essential items you will need right away. Make sure they’re last.

  17.   Always pack and unpack breakables on top of a padded surface.

  18.   Tape boxes shut for safety and security.

For more tips and tricks on getting your home ready to move, whether it's up the street or a couple states over, contact Gentlemen Movers today!