Gentlemen Movers Inc.

Insurance Information for Your Move

Gentlemen Movers backs our excellent moving services with an insurance policy that will protect your belongings from any harm that may come from a big move. If your items become damaged in your move, Gentlemen Movers has you covered. We back each move with an insurance policy that can ensure your big transition goes as smoothly as possible. 

Damage Claims

Although our movers will be careful with your possessions, from time to time damages may occur. If damage is caused by our service, Gentlemen Movers reserves the right to repair the damage(s) in question. If we determine that a damage cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to either replace or compensate (actual cash value) for the damage. 

If there is damage, notify your movers immediately. They will complete a Damage Report before they leave your site. If you discover damage after the move, call the office within 96 hours of your move. No damage claims will be honored until the charges for moving services are paid in full. 

Damages caused while unloading/ loading your truck or storage unit: Gentlemen Movers is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control. You will be asked to sign a Release of Liability acknowledging this. Gentlemen Movers is not responsible for items broken by customer on the job. Gentlemen Movers is not responsible for damaged item that customer packed themselves, particle board furniture, or for lost jewelry. No transport of Fine China. Gentlemen Movers when loading a pod or someone else's truck is not responsible for any damages that may occur during transport.

If you'd like to file a damage claim, fill out a Damage Claim Form now and contact us. We're committed to excellent customer service and stress-free moving.