Gentlemen Movers Inc.

Moving Rates

At Gentlemen Movers, we believe in the best service at competitive rates. We’re the best company for the best price and the best part? We’ve got the experience and the crew to make any move possible and stress-free.

Gentlemen Movers is licensed and insured. Out-of-state jobs are given a flat rate for the entire job in order to service our customers to the best of our ability. Our rates for out-of-state or other moves over 500 miles depend on the items being moved and require a physical estimate in order to ensure an accurate quote. Half of the total payment is due when your belongings have been loaded, the final bill is due at the time your move is complete. Ask us about discounts for interior moves.

All Moving Rates Include:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Tools (Furniture pads, Bungee Cords, Ratchet Straps, E-Rails, High-Powered Lift Gate, 4-Wheel/Appliance Dollies)
  • Experienced Movers 
  • Crew Chiefs have 8+ years of experience with Gentlemen Movers
  • An Insurance Policy that covers your belongings

Residential and Commercial Rates


2 Men, 1 Truck $105.00
3 Men, 1 Truck $135.00
4 Men, 1 Truck $165.00
4 Men, 2 Trucks $200.00
6 Men, 2 Trucks $255.00

Rates may vary for commercial, out-of-state or non-ORS regulated moves. There may be an upcharge for moves on holidays or on weekends. No additional stop rates.

Plus 10% fuel surcharge 2-Hour Minimum


2 Men, 1 Truck $115.50 per hour
3 Men, 1 Truck $148.50 per hour
4 Men, 1 Truck $181.50 per hour
4 Men, 2 Trucks $220.00 per hour
5 men, 2 trucks $225.00 per hour
6 Men, 2 Trucks $280.50 per hour
6 Men, 3 Trucks $335.50 per hour

Gentlemen Movers has a strict 24 business hours cancellation policy. All moves canceled for reasons other than an act of nature within business hours of the day of the move will be charged a two-hour minimum. If an emergency exists in which a schedule change must be made, the original cancellation date applies. *All rates are subject to change and shall be published.

Contact us today with any questions if you would like more information specific to your move.

Over-Sized Item Rates 

No possession or belonging is too big or too small for Gentlemen Movers. If you own something so heavy that you can't imagine moving it yourself, we're here to help! Major pieces that are extremely heavy to move do come with an extra cost because of the additional labor required to move them. Anything 300 pounds will be an additional $75 and anything 700 pounds or more will be an an additional $150

  • Pianos/Grand Pianos 
  • Large China Cabinets 
  • Expensive Paintings 
  • Appliances 
  • Oddly-Shaped Furniture 
  • Large Electronics 
  • Hot Tubs 
  • Safes

Contact us today with any questions if you would like more information specific to your move.