Gentlemen Movers Inc.

Military/Government Moves

The right place for a secure move.

We assist military families and personnel, along with government entities in Columbia, South Carolina and the surrounding areas to ensure safe, fast moves. Our team is diligent in getting the necessary paperwork to handle any moving situation. An approved GSA carrier, we have extensive experience in employee entitlements, federal travel regulations, and compliance protocols.

Military families are always moving. We understand these scenarios and work hard to provide a smooth, stress-free relocation. From the initial point of contact, our team works with the family and relocation services personnel in all areas, including packing, crating and providing the necessary materials to solidify the move.

Getting to the new destination safe and sound.

We place a high priority on ensuring every move is error-free. Our team is committed to providing stellar service to give families peace of mind. Gentlemen Movers is licensed in and out of our vehicles, and is equipped to handle any situation, at any time. We understand the intricacies involving heavy equipment or furniture, and take every precaution to get it from the original location to the new location intact and unharmed.

Having a trustworthy, reliable company is important. That’s why we provide quotes that include the entire process from start to finish. Although moving comes second nature to some, our moving guides, assessments and advice is found to be invaluable throughout this time. Families need a moving company that will assist in a number of ways. Our team solidifies that mindset, keeping paperwork streamlined, answering any questions, and providing information needed to get the job done right.