Gentlemen Movers Inc.

Commercial Movers

Gentlemen Movers specializes in commercial relocations, moving businesses of every industry from place to place. There are a number of steps involved in a successful move, and our team provides the guidance and advice needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Steps to a commercial move

Our team of expert movers come in to assess the equipment and furniture to be relocated. We also take a look at the new location to make sure everything will be able to fit according to your specifications. The steps to a commercial move:

  • Document lists We provide lists to your designated representative to start labeling items to be moved based on room and area. This helps us pack based on these areas to get things on the truck quickly and unpacked at the new location in an orderly fashion.
  • Employee belongings When needed, we provide boxes for your employees to ensure their belongings are also transported safely to the new destination. Every box should be labeled with their name and department to make sure nothing gets lost or misplaced.
  • Crating and wrapping There are certain belongings and equipment that must be crated or bubble-wrapped for maximum protection. We provide detailed instructions on when these belongings will be prepared for the move to make sure any attachments, papers, etc. are removed to protect the equipment.
  • Timing Our team places a high priority on timing. We work with your team to stay on schedule and have you out of the old location and into the new location on time, and within budget. Our schedules are based on the initial assessment, factoring in the number of trucks and manpower needed to get the job done.

From one place to another

Your company is provided with all lists and established timelines for the move, from initial prepping and packing to the move to the new location. We work with your relocation personnel to ensure everything is properly handled at the new location and avoid delays to get your employees back to work as soon as possible.

We understand how involved the process is when relocating an office from one place to another. Whether a small or large company, our moving team treats every organization with the same level of trust and respect. You can depend on the staff of Gentlemen Movers to be honest and reliable every step of the way.

Don’t leave your commercial move in the hands of inexperienced movers! Work with a company that knows the area and has the expertise to get you from one location to the next in a professional manner. If you’re looking for a stress-free commercial moving experience, Gentlemen Movers is it!