Gentlemen Movers Inc.

Climate Storage

There are times when you simply cannot move your belongings in one seamless job. When you don’t have space immediately for your items or need to have a “layover” place while you wait on your new location, storage is often the solution. If you are a military member going on active duty or leaving town for business reasons for a few months and you aren’t quite sure where you will land when you get back, you may want to store your items while you are gone. Or, perhaps there is a gap between the time when you need to be out of your current home or apartment and when your new dwelling will be available. Whatever the reason, storage solutions in South Carolina can be incredibly convenient when paired with your professional moving company.

Less Hassle and Confusion

When you are working with one company to get your possessions from point A to a holding place at point B while you wait on point C to be available, then there is a lot less confusion and hassle. You know who has your belongings and you don’t have to worry about extra monthly costs or fees that you didn’t expect. Our company can give you one, simple quote for multiple possible scenarios. We have a climate-controlled storage facility that will keep your belongings safe and ready for the final leg of their journey.

Trustworthy and Responsible

We hold an A+ rating with the BBB for a reason. We take our job seriously and we know your belongings matter to you. You can trust us to keep your items safely in storage with regular inspections to make sure our facility meets our high standards. Our 24-hour surveillance and climate-controlled storage units will keep your possessions from damage, theft or vandalism. All belongings are neatly and securely packed into units, with furniture shrink-wrapped to protect it further. We want to get your possessions back to you in the same condition you left them in. With more than a decade of carefully moving people’s entire lives from one place to another, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

Climate Controlled to Keep Items Damage-Free

Did you know that candles and photos can melt in a hot storage unit? Or that electronics are very sensitive to temperature changes? Your belongings can be damaged by the elements, so climate control in the units will ensure nothing gets too hot or too cold and suffers damage. We keep our climate control facilities held to the most stringent standards for cleanliness and repair to meet the demands of our customers, as we specialize in military moves.

Don’t pile your precious belongings in a dusty storage unit that could have pest infestations, leaks or experience dramatic temperature changes. Make sure when you can’t take your belongings with you that you are leaving them with a company that cares. Choose a one-stop-shop for moving and storage that will help you every step of the way and keep your move hassle-free.

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***Please note that Gentlemen Movers Inc. is located at a storage unit and works hand-in-hand with storage facilities however, Gentlemen Movers Inc. does not own a climate storage unit.